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I need this
Anonymous asked:
The way you and your girlfriend talk about eachother makes my heart melt. How long have you been together? I remember when you first started the relationship and I was so happy

Aw you’re adorable ahah it’s coming up to ten months and I can honestly say my feelings haven’t died down in the slightest since i fell in love with that lil shit. 10 months and I’m still in the honeymoon phase yo





Being alive is getting really expensive

or if you’re a smoker, quite the opposite

evanpetrers asked:
I think you and el are the cutest things ever like you guys make me happy :3

Aw this is so cute ty c:

Anonymous asked:
He'd never cheated before, he never came across as a dickhead. He told me he was in love with me everyday for 3 years and I believed him. That makes it difficult for me to trust anyone again :/ I'll get over it one day x

So be more careful, don’t give up on trusting people because then you’re alone and a life of solitude isn’t a life at all

Anonymous asked:
But I hope you don't do it again. Be a good person

I know I won’t c: I try to be a good person ahah

Anonymous asked:
See guys always say stuff like that and then do shit they said they wouldn't. My boyfriend I was with for 3 years we planned our future together and he cheated on me on a lads holiday in Ibiza: I've learned too not trust anyone anymore after him

Well he was clearly a dick. You’re not going to be able to trust anyone if you say all guys are the same like you just did ahah. There’s people who are together for 60, 70 years completely faithfully. Try not to go for nob’eds lol xo

Anonymous asked:
What is your opinion of cheating/would you ever do it/what would you do if someone did it to you

I WOULD never do it but I HAVE done it and I felt awful ahah. I believe in being faithful and if not then don’t be with that person and sleep around ygm. Like I have no problem with sleeping around if you want to go have sex with multiple people then do it just don’t commit to one person if you intend to do that. And I don’t have to think what I’d do because I trust El completely c: